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Interview with Joe Lynn Turner

I interviewed Joe Lynn Turner for the first time during his Brazilian tour lining up with Tony Martin.

Maila-Kaarina: You were in Brazil in 1992 with Deep Purple, but it's your first time here doing a concert backed to your solo career. What have you planned for this concert?

Joe Lynn Turner: I'll play all my own stuff, a little bit of Rainbow, a little bit of Malmsteen, Purple - my Purple - and some of the older. It's gonna be a great set. And the first meet to - I mean, let me mention this because it's a new way - songs I haven't done for 20 years and songs I've never done. Brazil is going to be a year mark where I will actually change my set for future tours with my band in the States, and everywhere, I'm gonna do all this stuff. Brazil is gonna kick off Joe Lynn Turner's solo tour.

Maila: Could you tell us a little of how your experience with your past bands has been?

Joe: You know I try to leave the past in every situation, you know, in every experience that I'm involved in. I don't believe in taking the negative times and trouble, anything like that. You know, bands, there is always trouble and since you get one more person, you gonna hit worry. So I think for the most parts in my position I had great time in all situations, with Purple, Rainbow, Malmsteen or any other artist, I mean great works always came out. That's an essential thing, it's the music. So, the music speaks, and I think the music shows that we create integrity, character, and it's timeless.

Maila: And you decided to go on with your solo career right after Deep Purple?

Joe: Actually, I was making a solo career tour already during my time in Purple. When we were on the plane coming back from Japan, they came over me and said: "Well, we're gonna make some changes in Purple. You've got the solo career going on..." And then Rainbow was supposed to go back together - however, it didn't - but I was always on for my solo career, and Richie felt that it was just too tough to handle, you know, he has everything established, he needs someone he can mold, that's the way he is. And then he took my band as well, but it is ok cause they asked permission.

Maila: You've recorded over 30 albums with many different people and projects. Are all your projects rock, or have you played other stuff besides rock?

Joe: Yeah, a lot of different stuff. I think if you just limit yourself to precisely the same rock if you only have one... Let's put it this way; I like to do different things. Now I'm doing a dance record with these guys from Sweden. It's a machine, we call the group The Machine because they are some of the best producers, writers, videologysts, everything and I think there are going to be great songs, some of what Rick Astley did, you know, great songs but they had the dance beat, and we can even rock it up a bit. You know, that's gonna be something completely different. So I also gonna be doing what Bon Jovi does in the last album. It's not straight-ahead rock, it's a little more, it's kind of got a twanger. And I'm also doing a new solo album. So I'm very busy, and I'm thankful.

Maila: Tell a bit about your eagerness to do different things and not allow yourself to be narrow minded.

Joe: I like to experiment, stretch out, and see what pushes me. You know, go to different directions as a vocalist, guitarist, writer, because I write for a lot of different people from all over. I can do commercials for TV and radio, I covered backstreet boys, for example, "The One." And it's just great. A lot of times, I found out that people don't understand when you do too much.

Maila: People nowadays need some kind of label so that they can stamp you and if they can't do it they sort of feel that you have no personality, that you sell yourself, they can't see there is much more involved. Do you agree?

Joe: Yeah, and it's sad, it's unfortunate because you should want the person to be all they can be if it's your child or even yourself, wouldn't you want to do everything you can?

Maila: What kind of advice would you give for all those who want to follow your footsteps?

Joe: You have to want this more than anything in your life. You need to be disciplined, focused, directed, being tenacious, you always have to hold on, and you have to be prepared for disappointments because it's so part of it. It's not a lifestyle, it's something in strength, and if you really wanna do this, you gotta be strongminded, stronghearted.

Maila: And you're gonna play with a band of Brazilian musicians that is supporting you and Tony Marting during the tour. What are your expectations about them?

Joe: I have no expectations. I never do. When you're playing together, expectations are never right. But I've already met the guys, and I know they are great musicians and great people and I like to hang up with friendly people. I think they're gonna KICK ASS.

Maila: I've heard that you've been through a new project called Purple Rainbow, is that true?

Joe: Let me tell you the story. I've known it for two days only. It all started with Toni Carey. I was supposed to play for the Russian president, and because I had a problem with the time zone during Wasting Tour, I couldn't do it. Toni was supposed to be involved with that as well. It was supposed to be a gathering for all the Rainbow guys. So he got me the idea: Why not let this happen? After that, he just asked my manager: Would Joe be interested? And my manager said: Sounds something that Joe would like. But I was really never told about it until this morning when I received a call and my manager asked me about something he read somewhere: Joe, what is this? I think that Toni talked to someone and that's it. But it's pretty immature, we haven't anything settled up. So, it's just a little more than gossip, but there is nothing really done yet, so there is nothing I can really tell you about that.

Maila: Let's play a game then. I tell you a word, and you tell me the first thing that comes out to your mind after listening to it.

Joe: Cool, it sounds entertaining!

Idol: False idols

The 70's: disco

The 80's: sex, drugs and rock n'roll

Purple: my favorite band

Rainbow: my second favorite band

Rock: can't live without it

The old times: the best

Nowadays: not too bad

Singing: my life

Family: absolutely love them

Fans: can't live without them

A hobby: many

A friend: a few

Love: always

Hate: never

The most important thing: love

Stage: my ground

Home: hardly ever see it

Tour: always on tour

Brazil: glad to be back.

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