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Interview with Gary Holt

Being around since 1982, with Exodus Gary, has influenced most of the thrash metal bands that came out after them. Many things have happened to the band, lots of people in and out, the former singer, Paul Ballof, passed away in 2002, Gary thought of quitting in the '90s, but none of these things could undermine their music power.

Maila-Kaarina: Exodus started in the early '80s and became a reference for most of the thrash metal bands from that time on. If you think back, how would you compare the '80s and '90s with the band's actual moment?

Gary Holt: The '80s were an excellent time, the '90s were like the end of an era, but for me, the time is now. Things are pretty awesome right now, a lot like the '80s, really.

Maila: Throughout Exodus history, within the time people came and left, Paul Ballof passed away, several problems could have destroyed the band and the projects. The opposite happened, though. You became even more robust. Where did you find the strength to go on?

Gary: This is what we do, what we've done for so many years. You just keep fighting. Quitting was never an option for me.

Well, I did, actually. In the early '90s, I got sick of this whole industry, but I missed it more than I thought I would.

Maila: If you had given up, have you got any idea of what you would have done and why?

Gary: I have no idea! I had the chance to spend a lot of time with my oldest daughter, so I wouldn't take it back anyway.

Maila: There is a lot of difference if we compare the moment the heavy rock has been through lately to the top moment. What is your opinion about the world's scenario to the heavy music of today?

Gary: It's excellent, a lot of high metal being played right now. It's a good time for metal for sure.

Maila: Experienced musicians I talk to usually say that nowadays it's tough to find bands that really concern about the music, about the ideology that should exist in what they do. What are the pros and cons you see in this younger generation of rockers?

Gary: Cons, I don't really see any. Sure, you get some bands that are borderline trendy, but even they are a million years better than the nu-metal shit that has thankfully died.

And about Exodus, nothing will ever compare to the early '80s, but we are certainly at the top of our game now.

Maila: What are your future plans? Is there any new album coming up soon, new songs?

Gary: We have the Bonded By Blood re-recording that will be out later this year, other than that some more tours while we continue to write songs for the next record.

Maila: Please, use this topic to say anything you want about the band, about yourself, about rock. Leave a message to Exodus fans.

Gary: I hope to return to Brazil very soon, it's been a second home to us since the first time we played there. Thanks for everything!

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